April 14, 2024


Raahim is a Canadian R&B and hip hop singer songwriter he derived inspiration from R&B and hip hop and transformed it to modern sounds, Raahim As he is widely known his a decent of Canadian, his songs which he made unique and melodic has traveled globally.

Early Life/Education

Raahim was born and raised in Canada also did his basic and high education there before he proceeded to university to obtain a degree.


Music we all know had be number priority for Raahim and that aid him to the level he is, at the moment he hit the spotlight rapidly he elevated to the stardom and frequently rated among the big music stars in Canada.

Raahim have impacted moral lessons to the young generation through his sound,
His impressive and renowned songs made he so unique from other R&B singers.

Personal Life

Making music he said is his hubby, as he do not has time for a relationship for now but probably might have a lady he hangout with.

Net Worth

Immediately Raahim rose to the limelight he started earning from his songs and streams his net worth estimated $1million.

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