April 14, 2024


Bhadboyfreshyo is an Africa Nigerian artist, model born and raised in Ebonyi state, Abakaliki, he widely known with the Bhadboyfreshyo.


Name Bhadboyfreshyo
Gender Male
Marital status Single
Nationality Nigerian
Occupation Singer, songwriter
Genre R&B, hip hop
Net worth $800.000

Early Life

Bhadboy was conceived and born in Abakaliki, Ebony state Nigerian where he did his basic and high education before he decided to pursue his career as an artist.


He started his career at a very tender age of 7 by listening to music of different genres this eventually result to him being unique to his field of career in the sense that when you hear his sound you can’t tell which genre of music he draws his inspiration from but actually he based on afrobeat R&B and hip hop.

Bhadboyfreshyo has some ideas and vibes to release to the world according to him, he said that his inspiration he gained has brought him to the level of understanding what music is all about.

Net Worth

His sound has actually brought income to his door steep his net worth estimated $800.000.

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