May 21, 2024


Rahkin Giovanni is a fitness model, media influencer bodybuilder and personal trainer born and raised in Miami, Florida she is well known with her strong physique her workouts and appearances is what inspired her audience and make her more attractive.

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From her tender age she got interest in bodybuilding started watching videos based on it along the line she observed her overweight and decided to do justice to it.

In her twenties rahki as already seeing a massive compares to how she look before continuously she started balancing her diet not to get more fatter and engaged more time in exercise and workouts.

Through her consistently and hard work she built her body to what suit her and appeared attractive, she began making some videos online and immediately got the attention of audience based on her body shape.

Early Life

Rahki Giovanni was conceived and born on August 4th, 1988 in Miami, Florida, she a decent of both Puerto Rican and Haitian.

Personal Life

Rahki Giovanni kept most information about her private she don’t expose things about her life online so weather she has a date we do not know but based on her body built and muscular appearance some men will be afraid to approach her.

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