April 14, 2024


Sentinawa Celab is a renowned Africa Nigerian artist model who immediately found fame as a result of his consistent and active works on social media.

Early Life/Education

Sentinawa was born and brought up in Nigerian, Africa where he did his education later proceeded to pursue music professionally as a career.


The remarkable and multi talented sent silver began his career early at the age of 10 in a church choir where he initially train his vocal and understood the language of music.

Sent silver efforts on his career has finally parted a way for him into the stardom as his songs travels and earn him millions of streams and that resulted him being famous.

Personal Life

Sent main focus is on his career as the passion drive him and he do not have time for any relationship and gossip.


Net Worth

Making money was the primary aim of sent silver and that’s the reason he entered music, his net worth estimated $800.000.

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