April 14, 2024


Lucid is an extraordinary talent Nigerian artist, model who rapidly raised to the limelight with his unique and remarkable songs, he was born and raised in Nigerian.


Name Lucid
Gender Male
Marital status Single
Nationality Nigerian
Occupation Singer, songwriter
Genre Afrobeat, R&B
Net worth $800.000

Lucid has eventually made a space for himself in Nigerian music industry.

Early Life/Education

He was conceived and born in Nigerian and also did his education in Nigerian before he finally make a decision to take music as a career.


The young talented lucid started music right from his teenage stage but gradually with the inspiration he draw from different genre of music he began making his own sounds but fortunately for for him, he released a hit track that gained him massive streams and audience

Personal Life

He not yet interesting in any romantic relationship as he spent most of his time trying to make a unique songs.


Night bus
Heart & soul
Flat tyre

Net worth

As his songs traveled globally so his income increases lucid net worth estimated $800.000.

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